Comfort. Silence. Security.

Universality soft-closer device
It mechanically catches a slightly closed door elegantly and pulls it
to the completely closed position

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About the product

SLAMSTOP is a soft-closer device. It mechanically catches a slightly closed door elegantly and pulls it to the completely closed position. No need to reopen it and shut it with force.

Key features:
— Universally compatible regardless of car make or model
— Targets car enthusiasts after the latest technology
— Truly innovative, now available to luxury and non-luxury car brand owners
— Easy to install using standard tools

SLAMSTOP at work
1:13 minutes
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As quiet as a whisper

SLAMSTOP gives every car that certain something. Doors slide smoothly into their frames.

SLAMSTOP is the first aftersales product of its kind

Formerly, such devices were only available as factory options for luxury brands.

Doors are always closed

SLAMSTOP device makes sure that the doors are always closed

No more worrying about your car doors being ajar when driving with a child or another person who might not have fully closed them.

No need to go back and check

SLAMSTOP ensures that doors are always closed.

Tested on 30 000 door closing cycles

it’s 15 years of everyday exploitation

SLAMSTOP complies with all international standards. It has been tested for over 30,000 cycles.

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If you are interested in becoming a partner, please get in contact with us

Global Sales Office

Phone: +1 (212) 446-71-31

North America
Sales Office

Phone: +1 (212) 446-71-31

Sales Office

Phone: +7 (495) 269 00 21

Middle East
Sales Office

Phone: +9 (714) 389-90-19

About Company

SLAMSTOP is an international company, with headquarters in Singapore. The SLAMSTOP device has been designed by a group of European engineers and is being produced in South Korea using latest technologies. We created a truly innovative product that will appear this year in dozens of countries around the world